A Postcard from Russia — Russian Blessings


Even though Olga and I are in the US, it certainly doesn’t mean that the fellowship and ministry in Russia stops. Last week MIR had a pot-luck dinner for staff and associates. Pictured above is the new MIR Executive Director Masha Oshkina. Masha wrote, “The potluck went really well, with no extra stress. It was the first time 23 people, including 7 kids, were filling MIR’s office. Everyone was relaxed, we had main course in russian_blessings_2.jpgthe kitchen area and desserts and music in the main office. I love having new families around.” She’s referring to two families (one a family of 6) who recently moved there as long-term missionaries. God continues to call people, even large families, to Russia. It’s a joy to see such life and growth.

Olga and I had a very good trip to the Northeastern United States. In less than two weeks we visited family, friends, churches and ministries in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. It was a fruitful and relaxing time. We’re now in Georgia staying with my parents and will visit Texas in December (and may visit Kentucky again in November). In our next update, we look forward to sharing more about our lives in Russia and our new roles in the work in Belarus and Montenegro.

And good news is that the ministry continues in Russia: MIR is planning to send about forty orphans to the US this Christmas on the hosting program, short-term mission teams are in Russia now and more are on the way, long-term missionaries continue their ministries, and God’s love is shared in many ways. He deserves all the credit and thanks, and we are very thankful to be called to share in His good work, both here and abroad.

Katya, Svyeta, Nadia, Masha

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