A Postcard from Russia — Spring Awakenings at Elama


We are actually in the US (in Texas right now), having a great visit with family and friends.

We have good news about our embryo adoption. We have finished all the paperwork and have scheduled the transfer for June 4th.

If all goes as planned, we’ll return to Russia, pregnant, at the end of June!

elama_paintAnd there, far away in Russia, Elama is waking up.

Yesterday was a work day at Elama. Many people went to prepare for the summer ministry.

Buildings are being painted, roofs being repaired, trash is hauled away, and a lot of area is being mowed.

Our good friends Sergei Tovstapyat and John Bull are taking the lead in all this work.

elama_stoveSergei has been building wood-fired heating stoves so we can use the buildings for more of the year. He’s also been updating the water system.

Later this month, a team from Athens, Georgia will travel to Russia to build two buildings at Elama, a pavilion and a summer kitchen. A few days after they return to the US, a team from Tuscaloosa, Alabama arrive to continue the work.

We’re very thankful for the donations we’ve received; we’ve been able to purchase paint, supplies, and  a riding mower/lawn tractor which allows us to clear a lot of area and start cutting hiking trails in the forest.

elama-cleaningIn early July we’ll welcome a team from San Antonio to work in a camp near Elama.  And Mike will travel to Montenegro in mid July to meet another team from Georgia that will run a summer youth camp there.

We’re very thankful that God is providing a way for us to move into this new phase of life.

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