An Interesting Start to the Day

You can read our most recent Postcard from Russia here.

This morning, as we drove down the highway to the store in a nearby town, I looked to my left and saw a car upside down in the ditch on the other side of the road. There was steam coming from the engine compartment and I thought ‘that just happened’.  Another car was stopped on the shoulder of the road but no one was out of it yet. We stopped, backed up and got out of our car; I was wondering if anyone had been killed. Just as we across the road an old bearded man was climbing out of the driver’s door.

Again, the car was completely upside down, suspended in the ditch hanging from the front bumper and the trunk lid. The driver, Vadim, said a tire blew out and he lost control. He was alone, had had his seat belt on and didn’t seem to have a scratch on him. He was fully awake and came out of the car talking up a storm. Poor fellow, his car is totaled and not insured.

You’ll notice that in the picture the car is right-side up. That’s because Vadim, the other man who had stopped and I turned the car over, just the three of us. Vadim asked us to turn the car over because he was (rightly) concerned that gasoline would start spilling out. For just a few seconds it didn’t seem like we could do it, but the soil was soft and we were able to muscle it over.

When I awoke this morning, I surely didn’t think I’d be standing in a ditch in Russia turning a car over. But, life is interesting that way . . . .

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