Val Rides!

The training wheels have come off.

We’ve been at dacha for the past few days, and Valerie asked if we would take the training wheels off her bike. After a day of mama keeping her steady, she finally got the knack of it:

A Ride in Tavrichesky Park

A friend in Estonia, Artur Pold, bought Valerie a bike last week. I took it to Russia with me a few days ago. We went for a walk/ride in the park across the street from our flat in St. Petersburg:

We are so very thankful for the many good friends and great family we have in so many places — Russia, Finland, Estonia, Belarus, Montenegro, and the USA.

Valerie in the USA

We arrived safe and sound on Monday evening. We had some trouble with our visas and had to re-route our trip after we arrived in Munich (long story). This added a few hours to our trip, but all is well.

Valerie did great on the flight(s). We were expecting some air-sickness, but she was a trooper. She enjoyed the airports and airplanes.

In order to fulfill my role as an American, a first stop was a visit to Walmart. Actually, we needed to buy Valerie new shoes since all we had were her heavy winter boots from Russia. While there, Grandmom saw a very nice bicycle.  Sherry and Lynda had suggested a small bike, and some friends let us borrow a tricycle. But when we saw the bike we knew that would be better for Valerie.  It took her a little while to get the hang of it, but she’s doing great now. I really enjoy introducing Valerie to new experiences.

We ran into Alisa Howen and her children and Julie Moore at the store.  It was great to see friends and introduce them to Valerie on our first day in the country. We are surrounded by love.

We are so very thankful for the family God has given us.