The lights were off in our foyer when I returned home from work. As I as setting my things down, Valerie stood at the other end of the hall looking to see who was in the darkness. I could see that she was looking at me but didn’t know it was me.

I said ‘privet’ (hi), and she ran down the hall and gave me a big hug! This is first time she’s done that. Later in the day I started rough-housing with her (picking her up by her legs, tickling her, etc), and though she didn’t know what to make of it at first she started really enjoying it.

And then this:

Olga picked up her phone and took this picture after Valerie brought a book (in English) for me to read to her.  This has been a dream of mine — for Valerie to sit on my lap while I read to her.

I am very thankful.