A Drive On Nevsky Prospect

Here is some shaky video of my drive up Nevsky Prospect today. I need to figure out a way to reduce shaking. Any ideas?

Almost every time I drive on Nevsky, I am thankful for and amazed at the life God has given me.

It’s in several parts. Enjoy —

From Leitiny Prospect to the Fontanka River

From Fontanka to Gostiny Dvor

From Gostiny Dvor to Kazan Cathedral

The Winter Palace (Hermitage Museum) and Palace Square

Over the Neva River and onto the Split of Vasilevsky Island

From Montenegro to Russia

We recently drove home to Russia from Montenegro.  It was a beautiful drive along the Croatian coast and up into Hungary.  There we visited missionary friends and saw (rainy) Budapest.  The relationships were great, the city was beautiful and we hope to return.

Then we drove to Minsk, Belarus to visit Spring of Revival, a Stoneworks program.  Olga Goncharenko and her team are doing a great job there.  We enjoy our time with them and fully support them in all they do.  Visit the Stoneworks site to learn more about Spring of Revival.

Then we headed into Russia and are now safely back in our flat in St. Petersburg.

We really enjoy this traditional music from Montenegro.