Embryo Transfer

Here is the latest news on our embryo adoption

As many of you know, Olga and I have been in this process for the past year.

embryos_first_twoWe transferred two embryos this morning! It took very little time, and the doctor and embryologist were very helpful. We prayed for wisdom about whether to transfer one or two, since our doctor had suggested transferring only one.

When we arrived, though, another doctor was handling the transfer and after seeing the embryos suggested that we transfer two. We feel peace about that decision, knowing that it’s all in the Lord’s hands at every step.

We had four embryos, all were thawed and one did not survive the thawing. We are sad about that.

The doctor did not suggest transferring all three, since the chance of triplets is fairly high. The remaining embryo will be re-frozen. The two we transferred are pictured at left.  This picture was taken just minutes before they were transferred.

We’ll return to the clinic on the 14th for a pregnancy test; we should know then if a pregnancy has resulted. It seems that we’ll stay in the US until the end of June.

We were listening to a teaching this morning, before we went to the clinic. The teacher quoted Jeremiah 1: ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.’ Today we had a part of that experience — seeing our children before they were in their mother’s womb. And God already knows them and has set them apart for His purposes.

Everything is going well. The Lord has given us faith. And we are very thankful for all.

A Postcard from Georgia — Springtime


We arrived in the US about a week ago, just in time for some beautiful spring weather. We are also very thankful to have beat the volcano eruption that has stranded so many people in Russia.

koppero_fin_iceJust a week before we arrived in the States, we were in Finland, which was quite a different setting.

We have news about our embryo adoption: We’ve met with the fertility clinic, and the people there are all very nice; it’s a good clinic.

The adoption process continues to take longer than we would prefer, but we’re content to wait. We’re still waiting for the donor family to finish up some paperwork so the embryos can be transferred to our clinic in Atlanta. We don’t know how long that will take.

If the embryos arrive in Atlanta before May 15, then we can do the transfer in early June. If they arrive later, then we’ll have to wait until July.

sunday_club-2The past week has been filled with fellowship with our many friends here. It’s so nice to have time with Mike’s parents, and our Sunday night home group has been a particular encouragement to us.

I (Mike) am talking with several people who are considering being missionaries with Stoneworks. I’ve been praying for the Lord to send workers to the field, and it’s great to see these prayers being answered.  And work continues as we prepare to send mission teams to Russia and Montenegro this summer.

We’re very thankful for the abundant life that God has given us.