A Quick Guide to Russian Family and Friends

At the risk of offending some people by leaving them off, I’ll make a stab at giving a Russian ‘cast of characters’ to help minimize confusion —

Mike Cantrell: uhmmmm, me

Olga Cantrell: my wife, we married in 2001. She is the BEST!

Tanya Yaskevich: Olga’s mother

Alla Pavetic: Olga’s twin sister who now lives in Montenegro (see this post for the Montenegrin guide)

Orest and Ludmilla Groten (Grootten): Olga’s grandparents, Tanya’s parents, in the summers they live at ‘dacha’, an old log home in a village south of St. Petersburg. Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Montenegrin Family and Friends

I realize that it may be confusing to keep up with all the people you see in pictures from Montenegro. So, here is a quick guide to folks we know in Montenegro:

Alla Pavetic:  Olga’s outgoing and fun twin sister; married to

Zhelyan Pavetic: an engaging,  strapping Montenegrin. Zhelyan and Alla have a son:

Andrej Pavetic: born in January 2010, he is a sweet, quiet child, surrounded by adults who love him gobs. His aunt, Zhelyans’ sister is

Violetta Pavetic:  a bright, sharp young lady; whose mother is

Slavitsa Pavetic: a strong and faithful mother to Violetta and Zhelyan.

Vladimir Cizmanski:  Vladimir is the pastor and founder of the Brethren assembly, attended by the Pavetic family, the church we serve when we’re there. Vladimir is a good pastor and administrator; he has a big heart.

Marijana (pronounced mary-ahna) Cizmanski:  Vladimir’s wife, a gifted evangelist and servant. Vladimir and Marijana have become very good friends.

You’ll also see —

Tanya Yaskevich: Olga and Alla’s mother

Svyeta Kouzyakova: Alla’s maid of honor and good friend to us all