Snapshots from Finland

Three quick pictures:

Valerie got hold of our camera and made some interesting pictures, including this self-portrait:

She also used her little shovel as a microphone, singing and dancing in the yard:

And we had a classic Finnish sunset:

Finnish Dawn

Here are some higher quality pictures of dawn in Finland (plus a favorite of Violeta on the lake). I bought a new point and shoot that takes pretty good pictures.

Click on the thumbnail to see the cropped, higher quality picture.

Pictures from Finland

Here are a few pictures of our recent visit to Finland. We had a great time and were able to get some work done. We cut down some trees, cleared a lot of brush, and cleaned the place up. All this while also working from my simple office (desk, chair, laptop, wireless internet connection).

We’re now back in St. Petersburg, happy to be home.

A Postcard from Finland — Finlandia!

Olga and I are now in Finland. We’re here with Olga’s mother, Tanya, our ‘sister’ Violeta from Montenegro, and our good friend Natasha from Russia. Once again we’re staying at the little cabin by the lake, which comes complete with beautiful sunsets. (Just so you know — it takes us about 5 hours to drive here from our home in St. Petersburg; it’s not too far at all.)

This is Natasha’s first time out of Russia, and it’s been great fun to see her experience a new culture for the first time. She said she never imagined how people could care for the land so much. Her understandings of stewardship, order and beauty are being broadened. It is a beautiful country, and this is a great time of year to visit.

We’ve had quite a busy summer. I’ve been in Montenegro, Estonia and Russia, and I recently returned from a very quick trip to the US. Jet lag is my familiar friend.  The ministry has been rewarding and full of life. Olga has stayed closer to home and has had good time with family. We’re both very thankful to be together and able to rest a little.

New opportunities seem to arise all the time. We look forward to telling you more about them in the coming months. It seems that Estonia continues to present itself as a land of opportunity, and we are starting on a big project in Russia.

For now, though, we are content and happy to be here at Koppero.

At Koppero


We are in Finland for just a few days. Olga needs to be in Finland because of some visa restrictions, and I need do a little work with a friend in Helsinki.

We return to Russia on Thursday and then go to the States on Monday the 12th.

We’re staying at the cabin, Koppero, we’ve mentioned before.  The snow is about 6 inches deep and the lake is still frozen solid. It will take several hours to get the cabin warmed up, but we have a nice hot fire going.

Ken Rundell made it possible for us to stay here.  This was his summer home when he was married to a Finnish lady named Pirkko.  He welcomed us here years ago, and we’ve returned many times.

Pirkko’s nephew, Juhani, is now the owner, and he’s very happy for us to visit here and help keep the place up.

We are very thankful for this blessing, one of many Finnish blessings we’ve received.