Nastya Shturmina — A New Life

streetcry-sm-logo Here is the story of a young woman from our church in St. Petersburg, Street Cry:

image010I am presently 26 years old. I come from Novorossiysk – a port on the Black Sea, but I have lived and traveled all over Russia.

Together with my brother, I grew up in a family where our father was an abusive alcoholic tyrant and our mom a workhorse for our family.

My conclusion about family life during those years of our father beating us all, and mother enduring, and trying to please everyone was that I WILL NEVER GET MARRIED. Why should I if the man in the family is a murderer and an adulterer while the woman is a silent slave who must endure everything plus keep four jobs to support the children and the husband’s drinking habits?!

If the world is such, I did not want to belong to this world.

So I left home at the age of 11 and began my quest for a different life.

Joining different groups of young people, I traveled the country. If no one opened a home to us, we slept in the parks, or in abandoned buildings. We hung out at rock concerts and made money by playing guitar and singing on the streets and on the subway and asking for donations.

From time to time, I visited Mom and Dad only to see that nothing had changed, so I had to go on the road again. I was really bitter and hated people, often using them for my own gain without any regrets for my behavior.

Life went on under the motto of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. At some point, I became really interested in the occult, literally sold my soul to the devil, and did rituals, etc.

Sometimes I felt the horror side of it but curiosity won in every case and I continued on this road to hell. I did not think that hell in the afterlife could be any worse than the hell I was born into and grew up in. Continue reading