The Shortest Day of the Year

Sun Path Diagrams interest me. Here is the sun path for today (the orange line) in St. Petersburg:

Notice how far south is sunrise and sunset. The sun does not get very high above the horizon.

I was talking with someone yesterday about how different the weather is here compared to the southern USA, where I lived until moving here. Of course, the colder weather is a dramatic change, but even more so the short days during the winter.

For comparison, here is the sun path for Murmansk, where a good friend lives, far above the Arctic Circle:

The sun doesn’t even get above the horizon today. Actually, sunrise there will be on about Jan 23.

Here is more info about St. Pete:

It’s interesting that 6 months from now daylight will last about 13 hours longer. Of course, above the Arctic Circle the sun won’t set for a couple of months during the summer.