Cantrell Pizza #1

For several years I’ve been wanting us to have a pizza night, like many people do.  Needless to say it’s not much of a tradition here, but we need this tradition in Mother Russia!

Here are Natasha and Olga with Cantrell Pizza #1:

On my last visit to the States, I shared a pizza night with the Tomlins and the Coles in Athens, GA. That renewed my interest.  A couple of days ago we decided to give it a shot.

We made our own pizza sauce, and we found a tasty recipe online. We used whole wheat flour (because that’s all we had on hand.) The dough was pretty good for our first attempt. It wasn’t a pretty pizza, but it tasted just fine. Over all, we’ve had a success.

Now we need to invite a lot of folks over for pizza night.

It’s That Time of Year

Twice a year we change tires on our vehicles. Usually in mid-October I put on winter stud tires. This is a classic picture of the process. It was cold and blustery. Many tire repair shops are outside. The balancing machine is inside the little shop, but the car stays outside all year ’round.

Sometimes I really feel for the workers, because they have to remove tires when it’s 20 below zero.