Pic Dump

Here are a few pictures that didn’t find their way into other posts —

Here is a screen grab from a Skype call we made a while ago. Valerie likes to send me messages while we talk. When I’m traveling, at least we have Skype —

I took this as we crossed from Finland (left bank) into Norway (right bank). This is the Anarjohka River, the border also between Lapland and Finnmark.

I saw this truck as I was driving from Murmansk to St. Petersburg — it’s for a building supply company named Obama.

Here are a couple of pictures from Valerie’s birthday(s) in July — (she celebrated in Estonia and then in Russia) —

Pictures from Norway

I recently attended a men’s conference in Rovaniemi, Finland. After that, Yura Belonozhkin and I drove up into Finnmark, Norway to visit some ministry partners. Yura is expanding his mens’ ministry into northern Norway, and he wanted to meet with some pastors to arrange future conferences and camps. (There will be a great camp in late May, if any men are interested. . . .)

We took quite a few pictures and some video as we were driving around the fjords and across the tundra. Most of these pictures were taken on Laksefjord and in that region — on the Arctic Sea, far above the Arctic Circle. (And a day later I drove through snow.) Continue reading