Pizza Night – #2

We had our second pizza night recently. Olga did a great job making the dough, and we used home-made sauce with Estonian cheese and Russian sausage.

Some friends carried over a pizza stone from the US for us, and that made all the difference. The pizza was so good that I forgot to take pictures of it (though I do need help learning how to use a pizza peel).

Valerie made her own little pizza, which turned out pretty well.

We were joined by Natasha and Anya, two young ladies who lived with us for a while. They are like family to us, and it was great to share the evening with them.

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Cantrell Pizza #1

For several years I’ve been wanting us to have a pizza night, like many people do.  Needless to say it’s not much of a tradition here, but we need this tradition in Mother Russia!

Here are Natasha and Olga with Cantrell Pizza #1:

On my last visit to the States, I shared a pizza night with the Tomlins and the Coles in Athens, GA. That renewed my interest.  A couple of days ago we decided to give it a shot.

We made our own pizza sauce, and we found a tasty recipe online. We used whole wheat flour (because that’s all we had on hand.) The dough was pretty good for our first attempt. It wasn’t a pretty pizza, but it tasted just fine. Over all, we’ve had a success.

Now we need to invite a lot of folks over for pizza night.