A Ride in Tavrichesky Park

A friend in Estonia, Artur Pold, bought Valerie a bike last week. I took it to Russia with me a few days ago. We went for a walk/ride in the park across the street from our flat in St. Petersburg:

We are so very thankful for the many good friends and great family we have in so many places — Russia, Finland, Estonia, Belarus, Montenegro, and the USA.

A Snapshot From Russia

Tavrichesky Palace and Gardens, St. Petersburg Russia. Catherine the Great and her lover/general Grigory Potemkin walked these very paths. The palace was built in the 1780s; it later was the seat the first Russian Parliament (c. 1906), and this is where the Bolsheviks took power.

This park is across the street from our flat; I took the picture walking home from the metro today.