Snapshots from Russia

Yesterday we attended the wedding of two dear friends — Andrei Sukhovsky and Liz Hulley. The ceremony was held in an old Finnish Lutheran church in St. Petersburg.  It was great to witness this wedding and also to have time with old friends.

This Will Be Memorable

I received this from a friend at church today and wanted to share it —

On Easter  [my husband] and I will be in Myrtle Beach for my niece’s wedding. She is getting married in a peanut warehouse and everyone is wearing cowboy hats and boots, and we are all sitting on bales of hay. They are also leaving on a tractor. This should be exciting! Leave it to my family to be different. I wanted to throw peanuts at the bride and groom …. but she said no. Maybe it’s not classy enough…. but for pete’s sake she is leaving on a tractor!

Any suggestions on what could be thrown at the bride and groom as they make their exit on a tractor?