Thoughts about ministry in Russia

Here are some thoughts to help you prepare for ministry in Russia.

Throughout the past 2000 years, Christians have been going abroad to share the gospel of Christ.  Prepare yourself for service by practicing self-discipline. Your trip to Russia is not a vacation, it’s a vocation–call from the Lord to be a blessing to those He loves very much.  Be prepared to serve, not be served. Be willing to be the very last, and servant of all.  Of course, when you do this, you will have abundant life–a life of love, peace and strength.

Pray often and submit your spirit to the Lord.  You will be sharing in the work He is already doing.  Don’t assume that you’re making your own decisions–follow the Lord.  His will will be done.

Remember, as a follower of Christ, your life is not your own.  Since the Lord has called you to minister here, He will provide what you need when you need it.  He is a loving Father who knows what you need before you ask.  This will be an opportunity to learn this lesson deeply, if you’re willing to die to yourself.  If you’re not willing to die to yourself, consider whether or not you’re a disciple of Christ, because selflessness is necessary to being a Christian.  My experience is that we learn this more and more as we walk with the Lord.

Pray to learn contentment in every situation; ask for wisdom and faith.  These things are gifts from God that will be needed here.  I find myself using the word “learn” often as I write this.  To be a learner is the definition of a disciple.  You won’t come here with all the answers or be prepared for all that will happen.  You will come dependent on God to light your path one step at a time; “each day has enough trouble of it’s own,” so don’t be anxious for tomorrow.

If you feel overwhelmed or weary, remember that the Lord is your Good Shepherd; He will lead you through the hard times.  Also, tell your team members when you’re tired and ask them to pray for you.  Be transparent, vulnerable, human.

The Kingdom of God is not America.  Be careful not to associate American ideals with Godly wisdom. They overlap at times, but they are not the same.  Speak what the Bible speaks, and be silent when it is silent.  Show love and mercy to all who cross your path.  The Kingdom of God is much larger and more diverse than the USA, or Russia, or any other country.  Point everyone toward God the Father through Christ the Son.

Be encouraged. God is Love. Jesus did not come to condemn; He came to save!

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