In my daily life with the Lord I find that the part I enjoy most is worship. I am the kind of person who enjoys peaceful and simple songs that speak directly to God and not just about Him. In my prayer time I like to have a tape with a couple of songs that will speak of my love to God. I believe that in His presence we find all we ever need. When I feel His presence all around me, there is nothing else I want. And worship helps us to enter His presence better that anything else.

God said that He was looking for those who would worship Him in Spirit and in truth. He is still looking for these kinds of people. He is still looking for the people like David, people after His own heart, those who will pour their lives before Him.

One song says “In His presence, that’s where I belong, in His presence, that’s where I am strong”. I do believe that our place is in His presence. The Lord longs for us to come and worship Him. He longs for all the people to say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, and He will teach us His ways”.

We may do a lot of things for the Lord, things that He has called us to do. But if we don’t meet the greatest need of our hearts, we will not last long. We will dry up. And us coming to His presence is the greatest longing of His heart. After all, He has created us for HIMSELF. He needs our presence with Him.

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