A Postcard from Russia — Natasha

This is an example of how God uses short-term mission trips to bring extended blessings to many people, Natasha in particular. A year ago a mission team from Wenatchee, Washington came for a short-term trip and served in Orphanage #61, a small orphanage for children with disabilities. Many of the children at #61 have conditions that can be addressed by surgery.

One of the team members offered financial help for surgeries. We discovered that the state will provide funds for most surgeries but the state does not supply money for aftercare. The orphanage had been hesitant to allow surgeries since it was very difficult to get aftercare and rehabilitation for the children. The donation, which is now paying nurses to provide aftercare, has helped several children receive life-changing surgery. Natasha is now having her second operation as a result.

Each year, MIR helps over 150 people come to Russia on short-term mission trips. These people serve in churches, orphanages, shelters, camps and hospitals in and around St. Petersburg. Many people return multiple times to continue relationships. They serve because God has led them to share His love in a variety of ways.

As a result these short-term mission trips, Natasha and many other Russian children have received spiritual and physical comfort; Russian interpreters have come to Christ; long-term missionaries have been called to Russia; Russians have been called into full-time ministry; orphans have been adopted into loving families; and many team members have returned home with deeper faith and a better understanding of the world and how God works in it.

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