Word study

Here’s another good post from Liz Hulley

In a recent series on dealing with habitual sin, our pastor mentioned that “to confess,” in the original, means “to say the same thing.”

Today I was trying to translate a passage from John 1 (with the help of a dictionary), and I ran into a Greek word I did not know.  The first part was “homo” (same).  The second part contained “logos” (word).  Same word?  I could not think of a verb that would correspond in meaning.

I resorted to the dictionary. There it was, “to confess.”  Now that I’ve run into it twice, maybe I’ll remember it…

In order for something to be “the same,” it must be compared to something else.  To me, confessing is when God first convicts and then you agree with Him.  God says “You’ve sinned,” and you say, “Yep, that’s true, I’ve sinned.”  Sometimes you are just agreeing with something stated in the Bible.  That’s the way I understand it, anyway.

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