God’s Love in Action

Olga and I have three young ladies from our church staying with us, Zhenya, Anna and Natasha.  I’ll post some pictures of our ‘new family’ soon.  Natasha works at Crimson Sails, a Christian children’s shelter.  Here’s one story of the way the Lord uses His people to save the lost. This is from Street Cry’s update

Dasha (in the photo at left) was sent to this Christian shelter by her district police station officer.

Her alcoholic mom’s alcoholic boyfriend attacked Dasha with a knife.  She managed to escape almost without injuries with her grandmother’s assistance. With no time to even get dressed properly, and without a coat or boots, this young child ran through the snow and frost to the police for help.

As the police inspected Dasha’s home, they found a destroyed apartment, with almost everything sold in order to buy alcohol.  There was no food and not only Dasha did not have a desk to do her school homework but she did not even have a bed where she could sleep.  The court case began by denying Dasha’s mom parental rights.  While the case proceeded, Dasha was placed in the Christian shelter.

Very soon, she received Jesus and began attending Sunday school at our church.

As the mom sobered up and realized that her daughter had been taken away from her and this may be forever, she began thinking…

She visited Dasha at the shelter and encountered the atmosphere of God’s presence, genuine care and the love of Jesus.  During her initial visits, she scared the orphanage workers with her appearance of a drunk – black eyed, broken leg, dirty. . . .

Dasha told her Mom about Jesus and invited her to church.  Her mom, Svetlana agreed rather reluctantly.  However, it was her only chance to spend time with the daughter.

She sat through the worship and preaching and fellowshipped with church members… Once, twice, three times… Then she began coming to church even straight from home independently from Dasha and finally at the March worship and intercession night Svetlana opened her heart to Jesus, came forward and received Him as her personal Lord and Savior.

The repentance was so real that she immediately got rid of her boyfriend, began cleaning her flat and equipping it to be livable for a child.  The court case is not finished and the decision is not made regarding Dasha being permanently taken away from her Mom so Dasha cannot move back home but now the orphanage workers let Dasha stay at her mom’s for weekends – together they pray and read the Bible.

Svetlana confesses that her daughter is more advanced in understanding the Word of God and is glad to learn more. Please join us in prayers for Svetlana and Dasha – for their spiritual growth and sorting out of their legal and family situation.

This article is excerpted from the StreetCry Newsletter.  More about the ministry is available at www.streetcry.blogspot.com. Please visit their site and support their work.

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