A Postcard from Estonia — Resting in Him

I (Mike) am currently in Estonia again after a quick trip back to Russia.  Olga and I continue in a time of prayer and seeking God’s will for our next steps.  But, it is not a time of passive waiting. The Lord has given us good work, and we continue to see His hand in our lives.   We’re working in several areas, and over the next few months we will:

— welcome short-term teams to minister in Russian camps
— minister in Montenegro with a team from the Wesley Foundation in Athens, GA
— host several church groups and families at Elama, our Russian camp
— visit ministries and missionaries in Budapest and Minsk
— help several volunteers minister at Camp Gideon, an Estonian Christian camp
— continue to learn more about possibilities in Estonia

Above is a view of the medieval town of Tallinn. We’ve seen much wildlife here — storks, foxes, deer, hawks — and beautiful scenery.  And I continue to find watermills all over the place!

Recently Thomas Umstattd visited us from the US and created a video called What is MIR.  It’s a good oversight of MIR and the foundations of our work in Russia.  We’ve also recently updated the Stoneworks website.

Above all, Christ has been reminding us to abide in Him.  Apart from Him we can do nothing of eternal value.  Love and faithfulness are necessary, and the tasks and fruit of ministry will be a natural outcome of ‘abiding in the vine’.   Now is the time for us all to surrender our lives daily, trusting that our Father knows what we need before we even ask.

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