Wesley Trip to Montenegro

Here’s a slideshow I put together from our recent visit to Montenegro with the mission team from The Wesley Foundation in Athens, GA.

I realized that I don’t have too many pictures of the ministry times, because we were busy being involved in the work rather than being outside of it. Still, you can see the people and the land.

And I realized that my wife is in there a lot — I wonder why?  🙂

The music is tradtional music from the area. Zhelyan gave me the CD.

One thought on “Wesley Trip to Montenegro

  1. Nancy says:

    Gorgeous scenery!!!! Looks like lots of wonderful music and ministry & a fun group, thanks for sharing! I love seeing all the pictures. When can I come visit!!? Oh yeah, work, kids/grandkids, no $…oh well, keep posting videos! Very inspirational.
    love, Nancy


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