A Postcard from Montenegro — Fruitful Relationships


I  just returned from a very fruitful trip to Montenegro, where we hosted a team from St. James United Methodist Church in Athens, GA.

Our relationships continue to deepen in Montenegro and the work is expanding. I was involved in three main areas:

First, we ran a teen camp. We had more campers this year than last (it’s great to see growth), and our time with them was very deep and fruitful. Two young ladies made commitments to become followers of Jesus and several others were very encouraged in their faith.

Second, we hosted a church retreat. This is just the second retreat in the church’s history (we ran the first one last year), and this year we had many more in attendance. churchretreat

We felt the Lord’s love and calling as we shared teaching, and we had great times of worship. God is building unity and love among the members of the fellowship. I am very thankful for God’s kindness to allow us to help in that process. The church retreat is pictured at left.

Third, and I’ll say more about this later, we finalized plans for a long-term missionary to Montenegro. We also have long-term missionaries joining Stoneworks in Russia, so I’ll use another Postcard to talk about that area of growth.

We give thanks to God for calling us and enabling us to participate in what He is doing in Montenegro.

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