Testimony from Street Cry

Here is another great testimony from the work Street Cry is doing in Estonia:

We continue to have meetings in a women’s prison every Friday night, preaching the Gospel to the unsaved and equipping the new believers by teaching on the basics of Christian life, praise and worship, prayer, and personal relationship with Jesus.

As a result, the girls who are the most serious about the Lord started getting together every day 2 hours before dinner for a time of worship, prayer for each other’s needs and reading the Bible together. They invite whosever will come! N. who got saved during one of the meetings, is now sharing the full version of her testimony:

“I was born into and grew up in a good, I would even say practically an ideal family. My parents were both doctors, very intelligent, with high morals and they did their best to instill positive things into my wonderful sister and I.

Nevertheless, I remember growing up with a strange feeling that there must be more to life than what I had. I have always been looking for something… Something I could not even define, but I knew I would recognize it when I found it..

At 18, I graduated from high school with honors and then entered medical college to be a paramedic. After graduation, my parents helped me to get a good job and gave me an apartment. Soon I got married to a nice caring man and over the years, we had 5 sons. Life was going good, except for the feeling, ‘there must be something more…’

Then I met another man… we had an affair, later he introduced me to methamphetamine… It all definitely felt very thrilling…at first. But before I knew it, I had turned into an addict and a drug dealer and everything else that goes with this way of life…

Being a paramedic, I had direct access to drugs and it was never a problem to get them or sell them, so I was going down deeper and deeper into the pit of this hellish trap. My husband tried to bring me back, to stop me, to help me change… all in vain… Giving up, he also became a drug addict.

One day I was caught dealing drugs and was sentenced to 7 years in prison. That sobered me up for a while, especially when I remembered my kids. I decided to change. For my good behavior, I was set free after 3 years.

Outside of prison, it was very difficult for me not to return to drugs. Temptation proved stronger than me, and I was soon back on meth, sleepless for weeks at a time just to crash for some hours and start all over again. Criminal activities inevitably followed.

As a result, I lost all I had – my husband left, my parents took the children away, and I lost my apartment to other criminals who swindled me out of it.

But there was no stopping me. I found a new man to live with, had my sixth child – this time a daughter. One day this man suddenly died and here I was – on drugs and all alone again with a two week old baby on my hands and my husband in prison for 9 years.

As soon as I was caught doing yet another crime, my daughter was taken away and put in an orphanage (plus the government started a case against me to deny me parental rights) and I was put in prison again where I still am now.

At first, I looked at everything and everyone here suspiciously, as I was used to trusting no one, being a master deceiver myself. Then I met some girls who were different and discovered they regularly got together in a special room called the chapel and they were Christians. I attended their meetings just to see what it was all about.

There I first heard about Jesus, but the Gospel was hard for me to comprehend, maybe because I was trying to figure out God in my mind rather than believing His Word in my heart. Still I was curious and took a Bible from their library to read.

Immediately I had a million questions. It was amazing how patient some of the girls were – to stop in the middle of the workday and pay attention to me or to stay up late answering my questions and arguments, in spite of their obvious tiredness after tiring labor in the prison all day.

But after a while someone accused me of going to church just to eat sweets that the Christians bring for Sunday services. That hurt me deeply! ‘Who do they think they are?’- I thought in anger. ‘And how dare they judge my motives!’ For the next 5 months, I stopped going to meetings altogether.

Lilly (see August newsletter for her testimony) was concerned about me and inquired why I disappeared. I told her.

She took the time to pray for me and explain to me that there is a difference between the perfect Jesus and His imperfect followers, so if I am really seeking God I should be focused on Him rather than being so overly concerned by what people might say or do. With that I started seeking God again and returned to services.

Soon after that, we got new worship CD’s from the StreetCry team that was having weekly services with us. I love to sing songs, actually I write poetry myself, but these songs were so different – they opened up a different world and created such an unusual atmosphere in the room when we listened to them…

One day I came to a prayer meeting conducted by Irina (see her testimony in our July newsletter), Lilly and some others during the spare time we had between work and dinner. They put on a CD in Russian and began worshipping.

The song went, ‘Come! NOW is the time to worship! Come! NOW is the time to give your heart! Come! JUST AS YOU ARE to worship..’ Something happened to me.

I was pierced through by deep conviction that NOW IS THE TIME FOR ME TO COME TO JESUS, TO COME JUST AS I WAS – with all my sins, my addictions, my questions, doubts, impossibilities…

I grabbed Irina: ‘Do you know how to pray the sinner’s prayer?’ ‘Yes,’ she answered, ‘Why?’ ‘Please help me to pray it now!’ – I replied.

So we prayed. My heart was immediately filled with joy unspeakable and with peace that I never experienced before. I found what I was looking for all my life but could never define. I found Jesus!

Since that day, the Bible has become so much clearer to me! It is actually alive!It gives the answers to my heart much more than provoking questions in my mind!

In one of the recent Bible studies, I heard about being baptized in the Holy Spirit and asked Jesus to baptize me! The next morning I woke up at 7 a.m. speaking in tongues and praising God!

And He did not stop there but continues to do miracle after miracle in my life. I wrote to my husband who is in prison now, too, asking him to forgive me for all I had done and he responded favorably, so now we are together again!

God is restoring my relationship with my parents and my five boys. The government closed the case regarding taking away my daughter, so now she will be returned to me!

I cannot really thank God enough for His mercy, longsuffering, forgiveness and His amazing care! I want to live for Him all the days of my life!”

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