Aunt and Uncle —

Good news! Olga’s sister Alla gave birth to a boy — Andrej.  The baby has some jaundice, but everyone is doing well. We’re very happy to be Aunt and Uncle. We’ll post pictures soon.

Alla is married to Zhelyan, a Montenegrin, and they live in Podgorica. And we will soon be in Montenegro.

(Click here for a quick guide to our Montenegrin connections.)

We’ll drive from St. Petersburg to visit the Stoneworks ministry in Minsk, then we’ll drive to visit friends in Hungary and Serbia, looking for ministry opportunities as well.

From there we’ll go to Montenegro to spend a few weeks with family and friends. We’ll follow basically this route, but now we have more personal connections along the way.

It will be great to be with our family in Montenegro, and we’ll be working on some ministry projects.

One thought on “Aunt and Uncle —

  1. kico says:

    Good luck with the ministry, Ulcinj in the south of Montenegro where I’m from is 90% Muslim but you’re welcome to come visit for tea.


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