A shelter in the Russian countryside

I recently received this from MIR board member Marina Topoltsyeva.  Marina is also the director of Road of Life, a transitional home for graduate orphans in St. Petersburg.

Marina visited a shelter in the countryside –

Dear Friends,

Here are pictures I took at the shelter my friends from the church started in the village 1.5 hours drive from the city.

There are about 10 kids whose parents are addicted to drug and alcohol. They gave the children up and disappeared.

The youngest child is 3 months old, the oldest is 6 years. They have a building but it remained empty for 2 years and renovation had not been finished.

The children have no documents, no records, but need medical help. The director is very busy with paperwork.

Please pray for the workers to take care of children and funds to provide essential needs. We brought them chicken yesterday they cooked it and ate it right away.

The goal of this shelter is to try to bring mothers back, send them to rehab centers to become free from addictions. If it doesn’t work they will look for families for these kids so that they would not end up at the orphanages.

The Road of Life is going to help sending girls and boys to do some work there and take care of children. That would be great if the teams come to minister there. God bless you. Marina.

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