The Echo of War

This is from EnglishRussia, a great website. I am touched by these pictures, which are a mixing of historic and contemporary photos. A companion post is here.

Vienna. 1945/2010. Soviet soldiers at the Imperial Palace Hofburg:

Moscow is getting ready for defense. 1941/2009. Gorky and Tverskaya Streets:

Berlin 1945/2010. A disabled tank “Tiger” in Tiergarten park:

Moscow. Kutuzovsky prospect. 1941/2009. Trolley-buses:

Vienna. 1945/2010. A house of the parliament:

Berlin 1945/2010. Conquering soldier.

Leningrad / St. Petersburg 1942/2010 Borovaya, 26

Moscow, Mayakovsky Square, 1941/2010, Triumfalnaya Square:

Assault on the Reichstag:

Zhukov on the stairs of the Reichstag:

Berlin, the flag of victory is to be sent to Moscow:

Soviet gunners in Berlin:

Prague welcomes the Russian tanks:

Vienna. Rifle units going to the center of the city:

Berlin — traffic-controller in the square near the Brandenburg gate

2 thoughts on “The Echo of War

  1. Mike says:

    Yes, evocative. Living in St. Petersburg, we daily pass places where the war was fought. Gun emplacements still dot the city. During the siege, seven people died in our apartment (from malnutrition and the cold).

    These pictures make it all the more real, to see that we walk where so many suffered great tragedies.


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