Driving in Estonia

I went for a drive in the Estonian countryside a couple of days ago. It is very beautiful this time of year.

(Our little car has been through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia, visited an Austr0-Hungarian fortress on the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic and now explores this frigid northland.)

First, a video of the drive on the old Royal Road (the main road 200 years ago), along the shore of the frozen Gulf of Finland:

The video was made at about noon. You can see how low the sun is in the sky.

This is how the day started:

I stopped at a waterfall on the Gulf —

Then I drove from Narva-Jõesuu to Narva —

I’m in Estonia working on a few projects — I’m helping coordinate mission teams that will visit this summer, and we are taking important steps toward building a day center for disabled children in Jõhvi.

Long shadows cast on the icy Gulf of Finland —

4 thoughts on “Driving in Estonia

  1. Susan Weldon says:

    Mike! Enjoyed watching your videos of Estonia. I felt like I was in the car with you! I do need to mention one thing. You were driving way to fast for the snowy conditions. Please slow down while filming your next “touring video”. I have to tell Vint to slow down all the time too. 🙂

    Love to Valerie and Olga!


  2. Mike says:

    Susan — I have stud tires on the car, and that makes all the difference. It’s pretty amazing how they hold the road, even on solid ice (which I’ve also driven on recently). It ain’t Georgia, huh?


  3. Roy Hendrix says:

    Hope you have plenty of gas or your RAA ( there is no AAA)
    This reminds me of snowy Western New York. Our love to you Olga and Valerie.
    Roy, Esther and Joe (he is getting married on May 28.)


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