I Had a Proposal to Make

Ten years ago today I proposed to Olga in the garden at dacha. We’re at dacha again, just like 10 years ago, to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday today.

Earlier that morning Olga and I both felt God’s clear call for us to be married (she had a dream and I had a miraculous revelation as I was praying), so we both knew that I’d ask her to marry me that day.

Before I proposed to Olga, I asked Olga’s mother to bless our marriage. She had to sit down when she realized what I was about to do! After she gave her blessing, I gave her a camera and asked her to take a picture when I proposed. She was crying and it was hard for her to focus on us as she stood on the porch overlooking the garden.

It was a film camera and by the time we developed the film I’d forgotten that she took the picture. It turned out pretty well:

By the way, this was the first time I told Olga that I love her. We were both guarding our hearts and following counsel from Elisabeth Elliot in her book Passion and Purity: only say ‘I Love You’ when the next sentance is ‘Will You Marry Me’. It’s good advice.

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