Snapshots from Montenegro

We’re staying with our friends Vladimir and Marijana Cizmanski, in Podgorica, Montenegro. Here is the view from their porch last night.

We visited our friends Sergei and Christina where they are staying, in a flat on the Bay of Kotor:

And here is a quick video of Olga and Valerie swimming in the Adriatic Sea, on the beach at Petrovac. Valerie is in the yellow floatie. It was her first experience with the sea, and she LOVED it.

The Lord has blessed us with wonderful family and friends here. We are very thankful for His kindness.

5 thoughts on “Snapshots from Montenegro

  1. Ardelle Baldwin says:

    Love the video!!! It looks gorgeous there. (P.S. I’ve been meaning to write you and let you know that we (Sophie and I) are thoroughly enjoying the Children’s books you wrote. 🙂 Thanks again, Mike. Love you all!


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