We had a work day at Elama on Saturday. It was cool and rainy, so we didn’t get as much work done as we’d hoped, but we had a great time of fellowship together. Elama will host quite a few people this summer.

I’m now in Montenegro, awaiting the arrival of a mission team. The busy part of the summer will quick be upon us.

Here are a few pictures of the day:

elama work day 021 Workday at ElamaMasha, Katya, Yan, Olga, Sergei (Kristina was with the kids, I took the picture)

elama work day 022 Workday at ElamaKsusha (one of Sergei and Kristina’s daughters) by the summer kitchen

elama work day 004 Workday at Elama
Sergei and Kristina

elama work day 005 Workday at Elamaof course, we cooked shashleek

elama work day 002 Workday at Elama
and you gotta have kvas!
elama work day 019 Workday at Elama
Masha Oshkina
elama work day 023 Workday at Elama
two years ago a mission team cut down a BIG tree; we finally got it cut up and moved; now we need to split it for firewood

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