A Postcard from Russia

Actually the picture above was taken in Estonia last week, but I’m now in Russia. It is a field of rapeseed (canola) located very close to the Gulf of Finland.

While in Estonia, I attended the Open House for Sunbeam, the center for children with disabilities we are opening in Jõhvi. Click here for pictures of the Open House. Just before that, I returned from a great trip to Montenegro where I met a team from Athens, GA. Next week a team from the States comes to run a camp at our Russian camp Elama, then we take them to Estonia to do ministry there. Then I go to Finland to pick up one of our two interns who will help us in Russia and later in Montenegro. It’s a full summer.

Olga has some news about her grandfather, Orest:

My grandfather is 93 years old and served in WWII. He has a long history of being a part of the communist party and being an atheist. We’ve been praying for my grandpa practically since we’ve been believers. Recently my grandfather’s health has been declining. We’re all wondering how much longer he’s going to be with us. Last Sunday my mom once again approached him about the message of God’s love, and he agreed to pray a prayer of salvation with her. The fact that he said to God ‘please forgive me’ is a real miracle, because I don’t remember him saying anything like this to anyone ever. We are very thankful for God’s mercy and His love for my grandfather, and we pray that God will fill him with a knowledge of His peace and His presence.

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