The Long Drive to Montenegro

I (Mike) arrived in Montenegro a couple of days ago. I drove here with two Stoneworks interns, Caroline Bennighof and Krystal Smith, and a young man from Estonia, Kristjan Pold.

We’re here to work with a team from the US who will run a youth camp next week. The team arrives tomorrow, and for the next few days we’ll build relationships with the youth and minister at the Brethren Assembly here in Podgorica.

Here are the numbers —

  • 2966km (1843 miles): from our front door in St. Petersburg, Russia to the front door of our friends in Podgorica, Montenegro
  • 2732km (1698 miles): from the Tallinn airport to Podgorica, Montenegro
  • 35hours and 51 minutes: total time driving, with the car in motion.
  • Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro

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