Ice and Fun

Here are a few quick pictures from our life —

First, this is the view out my window today. The weather has been hovering around freezing, so HUGE icicles are forming from the roofs. These are well over 6 feet long (2 meters).

One has to be very careful when walking on sidewalks. These icicles will kill you when they fall, and many people are injured by falling ice at this time of year and in the Spring.

Here are some pictures of me and Valerie playing around with the webcam. (Val grabbed a couple of hammers from my dulcimer, so that what she has in her hands.)

3 thoughts on “Ice and Fun

    • Mike says:

      Yes, people have to look up a lot and walk away from the buildings. It’s a bit dangerous at times, especially when the weather warms up a bit and the ice melts just a little.


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