In November of 2000, I (Mike) moved to Russia to help establish a Russian Charity named MIR.  A little over a year later I married Olga.  In 2011, we welcomed a three year old Russian girl named Valerie into our home. Over the years, God has led us and blessed us in many ways.

We have a home in St. Petersburg, Russia and spend time in the USA, Finland, Montenegro and Estonia.  I have businesses in the USA and am the Executive Director of Stoneworks International, a mission organization with projects in Europe from the Barents Sea to the Balkans. I also partner with churches in Uganda and Congo, so I travel a lot.

We hope you’ll wander around here, learn more about us, have some fun and see evidence of the goodness of God.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Karen says:

    Oh my! I came over from Elizabeth’s blog…this is really nice!
    I don’t know what it was like before…but what great things you have available on here. I borrowed a youtube of the metro from here…and I might also borrow your Russian word of the day.

    John shared some things you guys talked about…deep stuff and good things to chew on! Thanks for all the time you are investing in all of us missionaries:). Tell Olga hello for me!


  2. Mike says:

    I’m glad you like the site. And it’s great to get to you know you and your family better. Let’s have dinner when I get back from Belarus.


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