Uganda and Congo

My connections with Africa continue to grow. A few days ago, here in Russia, I met with Mike Anticoli, the director of the ministry I worked with in Congo. Once again, Mike invited me to go with him to Uganda and Congo, this time at the end of May. While specifics are still being worked out, the general plan is for us to speak at conferences in both countries. In Congo, I will speak on the topic “A Biblical Understanding of Money”.

While I was in the States, I spoke about my trip to Africa and the people I met, and our Sunday School class in Athens, GA was really touched in their hearts. They and others offered funds to help the ministry, particularly the work of Sam Bahiirwa, a pastor in the mountains of Uganda, near Fort Portal. A few weeks ago, we sent money to sponsor a leadership conference at Sam’s church. We also sent funds to buy wood-working tools and Bibles as well as send several orphans to school.

I just received an update from Damiri Paluku, the bishop of several churches in Congo. Damiri is a friend who traveled with me when I was there in September. Damiri traveled to Uganda from Congo and wrote the following report about the conference we sponsored (above center, Damiri is holding a microphone):


Hello Mike,

The conference has ended. We had a Great time in the Word and the Presence of God.

People came more than we planned, we had about 40 the first day, the number increased the second day and the third day more than 70 adults were present, the church was full of people .

At the beginning It was hard, because 60% were children between 15 and 5 years old, especially the first day, I had to change my message; mature people always come at least 2 hours late. Some come 1day later. I was told by Pastor Sam, that is how It is. I then had to start by preaching a different message every day for an hour and when the leaders arrived I started teaching.

We had Pastors, elders, ushers and youth from different churches, It was not only Pastor Sam’s church. I enjoyed teaching, they loved the teaching too. My theme was: Efficient Leadership. Topic 1: Who is leader, what is leadership. Topic 2: Calling – Capacity and – Character. Topic 3: Characteristics of Successful Leaders. Then Sunday I preached the gospel many gave their lives to Christ.

As the meeting was starting late, I always started preaching and every day some people came to Christ. But Sunday they were many.

I am very very grateful for giving me this opportunity, I thank each and every one that has contributed financially and thru prayer for this conference to be successful. The leaders and the church are all grateful.

I also received this update from Sam –

Hello Mike

I thank the Lord for what He has done through you and the team of Faith builders who supported us in the conference. Pastor Damiri reached Fort Portal on the afternoon of the 2nd and he was able to teach on the 3rd 4th and 5th. Thank you for paying for his trip to Uganda. His teaching was touching the heart of peoples, and most the Pastors, leaders, and church elders were happy  and fill very touched. Because of the crusade the youth also came into the conference and the was on way of how we can separate them with leaders. but they also enjoyed the teachings.

On the fist day of the conference the turn up was good though people came late, and on the second day they improved because they slept at church. On the third day we started on time. That is how the village people are but they need more teaching on how to keep time if we keep on the will change. that is why i suggested that the conference should be of three days and above to be successful.

I attached many  pictures of  the conference since the people started to do same works like collecting firewood which were used to cook food and others of the crusade people were delivered from demons attacker and many people turned to Jesus

We did not gave the Bibles because the number of people were higher than the Bibles but we discus it with Damiri the chair man of the unity of body of Christ that we keep them  may be we have another chance of addition. The tune up of the conference on the last day was 98 who were registered others did not registered they doing the of cooking for them they missed the teachings because their no catering expense

For the orphan i manage to school fees  for 6 children who were in serious need a and each payed sh 95000/

Yours in Christ

Pastor Sam

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