A Postcard from Russia

We’re getting deep into the Autumn and I haven’t given an update about the summer. So, here goes –

We did a LOT of work on dacha this summer. Actually, we hired a crew to do most of it — new siding on the back part of the building, a new veranda, new windows for the downstairs, and a renovation of the ‘summer kitchen’. Slowly but surely we’re preparing dacha to be a small retreat center. (Please let me know if you’re interested in helping. We could use a construction team to help finish some of the rooms (and get some windows upstairs!!).

I had a great time with a team in Romania (click here to learn more). We have been very blessed by the relationships God has given us in Romania, and I look forward to seeing how they will grow. Olga, Val and I visited Romania again in September (after a visit with dear friends in Serbia). Our friends/partners in Romania have a 10 year old daughter who immediately hit it off with Valerie. It was all good. So, Romania seems to be an area of future investment and growth. We’re already planning to send another team next year. We also welcomed a team in Estonia and worked on Camp Elama as well.

We had a great visit to Montenegro in early September. It was really good to have time with Olga’s sister and her family as well as with our many friends and ministry partners there. It’s all very good. The church recently bought some land and is planning to build. I have a small role in helping with that project. I also found a GREAT location for a summer camp in Montenegro. We are just beginning the process of talking with the local administration about how/if we can buy it. Prayers are appreciated.

We’re now back in the swing of the school year. I returned from a three day visit to Estonia yesterday; at prayer time in the evening we all agreed that we are VERY thankful to be together as a family. God sets us in families and we thank Him for it.

Also, I’ve been invited to visit Uganda and Congo early next year. Doors continue to open, and I need wisdom about which ones to walk through.

A final thought: God has laid it on our hearts to put into practice Phillipians 2:14, 15 — “Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure. . . .” The Lord wants us to be pure and blameless, and a very big part of that is controlling our tongue, our thoughts and our emotions. There is very good fruit when we refuse to complain and refuse to argue. (And I notice that much of what I see on Facebook is either complaining or arguing . . . . .)

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