Let This Sink In

This, just from Damiri –

Mantumbi is still dangerous. One of our elders refused to come to Butembo with Pastor Deo. He was afraid of hunger in a big city like Butembo. So, he ran to a nearby village when Mantumbi was attacked. A few days later he went back to his farm to press some palm oil. The jihadists found him and slaughtered him. Deo knows of many cases like that.

If you would like to support the work in Congo, serving those who lay their lives down for the gospel of Christ, you may send donations:

Visit http://www.sjumc.org
Choose “Cantrell Missionary Support”
Write “Congo Relief” in the notes section
Follow instructions to finalize the donation


Make the check to:
St. James Missionary Fund
Write “Congo Relief” on the memo line

And mail to:
St. James UMC
111 West Lake Drive
Athens, GA 30606

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