Good Cheer

As we go through every day working and doing things need to be done, it is very easy to loose our focus on God. It is very easy to just think about our daily routine. And the sad thing is that this daily routine is often very depressing. There is a spirit of death over Russia. In some places it is strong, some places not.

But facing the obstacles and hard choices sometimes makes us very upset and demoralized. I find myself complaining and wishing things were different. I find that I need to be comforted and told that everything is going to be ok. But the Lord is not always saying that. He said we would have tribulations. And He said to be of good cheer.

But how do we get this good cheer? How do we face the difficulties with courage and faith? The Lord does not just come into our lives with a magic wand and make all things perfect. He asks us to seek Him even when it seems we have no strength left. Even when we are about to give up, He calls us to seek Him.

But He does not promise us it would be easy. A lot of times, if we want to find Him as He is, it will cost us. I am just saying it because I face it. The Lord asks me to seek Him with all of my heart. Not to look at the gloomy sky in the morning, not to look at the despair you feel when things don’t fall into place, not to listen to people who say you cannot do it. He says to seek Him, look at Him, run after Him, chase Him. How many times have I failed trying to do it? How many times I asked God to forgive me for not getting up early enough to pray.

He forgives. He listens. He understands. He comes down to help us. But the ultimate thing He asks from us is to seek Him. Not matter how hard, no matter how long. Seek Him. And that is what I wish I could accomplish through my life.

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