A Few Dacha Videos

Can you tell that I’m learning how to post videos?  Here are four short videos from our visits to Olga’s grandparents’ house.

The Russian summer or country house is called the dacha (rhymes with gotcha).  In usage we say things like, ‘I am going to dacha’ or, ‘how was dacha?’.

These videos are pretty poor quality and quite short.  I promise I’ll do better in the future.  But they will give you a flavor of life at dacha.

Olga planting potatoes last spring.  The big building is the main house; you’ll see a little building behind Olga, that’s the banya (sauna) for bathing.  Notice how hard I’m working!

Alla, Zhelyan and Violetta visited from Montenegro last summer.  This is just a few seconds of us around the table talking about the weather:

Olga’s grandfather Orest plays the accordion in the living room.  He’s 90 years old.  I wish I’d recorded more.

Athos Speaks!  Athos is the guard dog at dacha.  He’s a real baby if he likes you, but he’s a killer if he doesn’t.  He likes Olga (and me, now).

5 thoughts on “A Few Dacha Videos

  1. cindy gaultney says:

    LOVED these videos…WOW. Especially Olga’s grandfather playing the accordian. My grandfather had one too…and played it for us as little kids. Such a memory.
    Love you guys..cindy


  2. Mom says:

    I’m sitting here feeling strong emotions as I watch the videos of the Grotins, and of dacha. Jim and I just watched the Orest one, too. I pray for them! Do tell them that we love them!


  3. Susan Weldon says:

    HI Mike, Olga, and Valerie!
    These videos make me miss you guys all the more. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see you again before you left. I stayed in Tennessee about a week helping with disaster relief. It was such a blessing to me, even in the midst of the crisis.
    Love you guys so much and one day hope to come to your side of the globe for a visit. Hugs to Valerie!


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