Montenegro — Camp 2008

Here are a few short and simple videos of our youth camp in the mountains of Montenegro in July 2008.  A team from St. James United Methodist Church went for two weeks to help the local church run a youth camp.  We’ll return in July 2009 and continue serving.

This first clip was taken from the top of a mountain in the Durmitor National Forest.  We went there and had ice cream at a cafe on the summit:

We rented a house at a working farm.  One day they harvested peas and our team went to work, helping the family that owns the farm:

After the team raked and stacked hay, there was room for a volleyball court.  I can’t think of a nicer setting for having fellowship and playing volleyball:

Vladimir, pastor of the Brethren Assembly, preaches the gospel to the young people; some had never heard it.  Just a few days later, several of these young people responded by putting their faith in Christ.  The Lord was indeed with us and touched our hearts.

As you can see, our time was filled with relationships, truth and beauty.  We thank God for His goodness to us all.

2 thoughts on “Montenegro — Camp 2008

    • Mike says:

      I will post more videos and pictures sometime in the future.

      I say Amen — I hope we will do our part in the harvest, and help the local church do what God is calling them to do.


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