Christmas Day on January 1?

We celebrated Christmas on New Year’s Day because Valerie wasn’t with us on the 25th. She’d never celebrated Christmas like this (or maybe ever), and I don’t think she’s ever opened a Christmas gift. It was great fun to watch her learn what it is to open a Christmas gift. There was a sled waiting for her under the tree.

We read the Christmas story from the Bible and later Olga’s mother and some friends came to visit. We cooked a turkey and had a good meal together as a family. And the two grandmothers got to talk on Skype.

We start with Valerie opening a gift from her American Babushka:

2 thoughts on “Christmas Day on January 1?

  1. marshall&Joyce roberts says:

    Mike and Olga,
    Congratulations! We are very excited for both of you. we will have Valerie, Mike and Olga in our prayers. This is so special. Doug, our youngest son, his wife, karen, and their adopted girl, Jadan, were here over Christmas vacation with the family. Jadan is such a special part of their lives and are’s. We are all fine here and keep us posted.
    God Bless,

    Marshall Roberts


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