A Postcard from Russia

It is berry-picking time in Russia. Above Olga and Val are joined by Olga’s mom (at left), Val’s friend Yanna and Yanna’s mom as they head out to the forest for blueberries. Val found a costume bonnet we had and thought it the best head-wear for the day.

We’ve spent much time at dacha this summer. All the borders continue to be closed, so we haven’t traveled at all. In an alternate reality, I would have by now made several trips to Estonia as well as Montenegro, Serbia, Romania and Finland. It’s been good to stick close to home.

The ministry  continues. We’ve been sending funds to help people in several countries as they face significant challenges as a result of the Covid-19 shutdown. Many people live day-to-day, so hunger becomes a real issue. I’ve also had many conversations with missionaries and partners, helping work through the pressures and issues that have arisen.

I continue to work on my podcast, Ask for the Ancient Paths. You can find it on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, YouTube, etc.


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